1) (room(s) in a house or hotel in which to live, especially for a short time: It is difficult to find accommodation in London in August.) alojamiento
2) (space for something: There is accommodation for your car behind the hotel.) espacio
accommodation n alojamiento
1 (lodging) alojamiento
2 (agreement) acuerdo; (compromise) compromiso
plural noun accommodations
1 SMALLAMERICAN ENGLISH/SMALL (lodging) alojamiento m sing; (lodging and board) alojamiento y pensión
accommodation [ə.kɑmə'deɪʃən] n
1) : adaptación f, adecuación f
2) accommodations npl
lodging: alojamiento m , hospedaje m
acomodación s.f.
acomodamiento s.m.
adaptación s.f.
ajuste s.m.
alojamiento s.m.
convenio s.m.
hospedaje s.m.
ə'kɑːmə'deɪʃən, əˌkɒmə'deɪʃən
a) u AmE also accommodations (lodgings) alojamiento m, hospedaje m

I can provide accommodation for five — puedo alojar or dar alojamiento a cinco personas

b) c (seat, berth) (AmE) plaza f
2) u c (agreement, compromise) acuerdo m
1. N
1) (also: {US}3} accommodations) (=lodging) alojamiento m ; (=rooms) habitaciones fpl

have you any accommodation available? — ¿tiene usted habitaciones disponibles?

to book accommodation in a hotel — reservar una habitación en un hotel

accommodation to let — se alquilan habitaciones

2) (=space) lugar m , cabida f

there is accommodation for 20 passengers — hay lugar para 20 pasajeros

there is standing accommodation only — hay sitio solamente para estar de pie

the plane has limited accommodation — el avión tiene un número limitado de plazas

3) (=agreement) acuerdo m

to reach an accommodation with creditors — llegar a un acuerdo con los acreedores

4) (=adaptation) acomodación f , adaptación f
5) (=loan) crédito m , préstamo m

accommodation address N — domicilio f postal

accommodation bill N — (Comm) pagaré m de favor

accommodation bureau N — oficina f de hospedaje

accommodation note N= accommodation bill

accommodation train N(US) tren m de cercanías

* * *
[ə'kɑːmə'deɪʃən, əˌkɒmə'deɪʃən]
a) u AmE also accommodations (lodgings) alojamiento m, hospedaje m

I can provide accommodation for five — puedo alojar or dar alojamiento a cinco personas

b) c (seat, berth) (AmE) plaza f
2) u c (agreement, compromise) acuerdo m

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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